Eccentry Holidays Recommends a Winter Ski Trip to Whistler

Eccentry Holidays suggest you to enjoy skiing during your winter vacations.

Eccentry Holidays suggest you to enjoy skiing during your winter vacations.

Eccentry Holidays knows that skiers are in love with the famous ski destination of Whistler. It is a winter playground full of near perfect snow. Whistler has two spectacular mountains with an exciting village at the base. Members love to stay in the European Style villages and enjoy all of the amazing food and shopping. As a ski destination, Whistler is unparalleled. The Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics were famously held there. The mountains feature skiing trails for beginners to those that are very advanced.

Eccentry Holidays members praise Whistler Blackcomb for its breathtaking beauty. It is the largest ski resort in North America. It offers over 200 runs for skiers and 37 lifts to get them there. Some of the most exciting ski trails imaginable are found on the mountain.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Whistler is full of charm. After skiing is finished, there are many fun activities for all travelers. Whistler is one of the most incredible ski destinations on earth.

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Eccentry Holidays Highlights The 10 Must See Attractions At Orlando

Eccentry Holidays knows that Orlando, Florida has much to offer.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Orlando, Florida has much to offer.

Eccentry Holidays members have always treasured their memories of visiting Orlando. Here’s top 10 reasons why every travelers is bound to find fun and frolic in this city.

Walt Disney World is the world’s largest and most visited recreational resort with four theme parks, two water parks, 24 on-site themed hotels, and other entertainment and recreational venues throughout the entire resort complex. It is located southwest of Orlando in Florida. So reasonably everyone who has heard of Disney World has dreamt of going there at least once.

Universal Studios is the second largest resort in Greater Orlando. The resort has two theme parks. You can get the most thrilling of rides in either one of the two theme parks.

Sea world Orlando is a theme park of marine-life based zoological park near Orlando. In 2009 it is selected as the seventh-most visited amusement park in the United States. You can enjoy your life here as the sea life.

Gatorland is a theme park and wildlife preserve located along with South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. It is one of the most attractions in Orlando to the tourists. Gatorland consists of thousands of alligators and crocodiles, a breeding marsh with boardwalk and observation tower, reptile shows, aviary, petting zoo, swamp walk and educational programs.

Skyscrapers are the most common and attractive sight in Orlando. Around 71 completed skyscrapers are in Metro Orlando. The majority are located in downtown Orlando.

Kennedy Space Center is located on Merritt Island in Florida. It is the base for the country’s three shuttles. You should tour to launch areas, eat space food, train in spaceflight simulators and if you are lucky, you may get an actual launch.

Silver Springs is the largest artesian spring formations in the world. Form the mid 19th century it is attracted the visitors mostly. You get to sit in the boat, sheltered from the heat and in your own comfort all while viewing the underwater life below you.

Orlando Science Center is the fun science center reminds the members of Eccentry Holidays. So you can try your wish which you wouldn’t be allowed to try at home. Furthermore you will view the stars from the largest refractor telescope in Florida.

Wonderworks is one of the most famous houses in Orlando. It offers you over 100 exhibits and interactive fun and promises to blow your imagination out of this world.

Orange Tree Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Florida. So if you are a golf lover you shouldn’t stop your visit in Florida until going in Orange Tree Golf Club remind the members of Eccentry Holidays.

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Exploring Raleigh, North Carolina with Eccentry Holidays

Strolling around the Art exhibits at Raleigh can turn out to be a wonderful evening

Strolling around the Art exhibits at Raleigh can turn out to be a wonderful evening

Raleigh, North Carolina is a city filled with a great mix of culture, family fun and outdoor beauty. For those of you with an interest in the creative culture of a city, Eccentry Holidays knows that The North Carolina Museum of Art is a great place to visit. Boasting one of the vastest collections of Rodin sculptures in all of America, and a constant rotation of traveling art exhibits make this a great way to spend a quiet afternoon and get out of the heat. One of the added bonuses is that general admission to their permanent art exhibits is free.

For your little Picasso, Eccentry Holidays thinks that the Marbles Kids Museum is also another attraction not to be missed. There you can watch your kids learn through play with the permanent exhibits that include fun and engaging activates like: Around Town, Moneypalooz, Art Loft and the storybook forest. North Carolina Natural History Museum is also a recommended family friendly activity for children featuring a great collection of dinosaurs as well as indigenous animals, which also offers free admission.

For outdoors actives much of Raleigh is covered with walking paths that lead through the city to the State Capital building. Many of the paths are very heavily wooded and easily accessed with paved roads which is why Eccentry Holidays thinks that this makes a great option for taking in some sun, riding bikes or an impromptu picnic.

College Sport fans will be thrilled with the three major universities of UNC, Chapel Hill and Duke within the areas making this easily some of the area’s most popular sporting events to attend while in town.

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Eccentry Holidays Reviews Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula

Make Costa Rica your travel destination this year for endless fun.

Make Costa Rica your travel destination this year for endless fun.

Eccentry Holidays offers visitors the chance to indulge in luxury like they have never before experienced. Take time out of your busy schedule to live out your dream vacation in the beautiful paradise that is Costa Rica this fall, and visit one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

The Nicoya Peninsula’s astonishing 80-mile shoreline boasts some of the beach towns around, offering visitors the chance to explore a lot of different shops and stands in order to find the perfect souvenir to take home. Nearby Montezuma, a charming town by the coast that has a lot of places just like this. While you are there, you can also visit the nearby waterfalls, along with checking out the beautiful cerulean waves at the beach.

In most areas, the lush, green forests surround the cream-colored sandy shores, and for those who are looking for the ultimate romantic activity? Be sure to head down to Nosara Beach to watch the sunset with the one you love.

It’s no wonder that some online websites rank Nicoya Peninsula and the surrounding areas as the top destinations to visit while spending time in the country of Costa Rica. Eccentry Holidays knows for all those who are looking for the perfect way to spice up their life before the busy holiday season begins, a romantic trip between partners will make for one of the best vacations you have had.

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Eccentry Holidays Presents: Crafting Finds at Pike Place Market

Eccentry Holidays knows that Seattle offers a multitude of exciting activities at a variety of different destinations for all those out there planning on enjoying a vacation to the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the fall season offers the perfect time to visit this area in order to absorb more of the culture of the area.

Of course one of the most prominent spots to better familiarize oneself with the ins-and-outs of the city is by visiting the world famous Pike Place Market. While this area is of course home to unique restaurants, shops, collectibles, and of course, some of the best food shopping around, one thing that many are not aware of is the famous crafts market that is also held here.

This gives visitors the chance to meet and see the work of many local artisans who provide a unique take on the typical.  Take for example crafter Angela Glass, who incorporates everyday items either already used or found in her work. This type of crafting is part of a popular movement known as upcycling. Right now, Glass has been using different stones she finds on the beach for her jewelry creations, but also has taken items like the rusty washers and bolts she finds around the streets. By adding jewels on them, she markets them as “Diamonds in the Rough.”

This popular item is one of many that can be found at her stand, and is just an example of some of the interesting finds at the Pike Place Craft Market.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Fun at Woodland Park Zoo

Fun at Woodland Park Zoo

Fun at Woodland Park Zoo

Eccentry Holidays knows that many families love the opportunity to interact with creatures in their natural habitat. For all those out there who are looking for one of the top animal habitats around to visit, spending time at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo might just be the perfect place to do just that.

The best thing about this zoo is the variety of opportunities it provides for children and adults alike to learn more about their favorite animals, as well as actually getting to experience them up close and personal. The Giraffe Feeding Experience is one way to find out what these animals eat while you feed it to them yourself! Or perhaps Elephants are more your thing. Either way, head to the African Savannah or the Elephant Forest zones within the park to give feeding these creatures a try.

For all those curious kids who love to learn, Keeper Talk is a must-see event held daily at Woodland Park Zoo. Get the chance to meet an actual zookeeper and hear about what it’s like to work close with a variety of different animals and what all taking care of them entails. Each day of the week varies which animal will be discussed, but a variety of different animals like komodo dragons, flamingos, gorillas, and red pandas make up the list, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Seattle is one destination that offers a variety of exciting things to do and see.

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Eccentry Holidays Takes You To The City That Never Sleeps – Acapulco, Mexico

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays  members consider Acapulco a dream vacation spot as it is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico an is known around the world for its top most tourist attractions. Eccentry Holidays says a holiday in Acapulco leaves an eclectic flavor to your senses whether you are watching the death defying La Quebrada cliff divers, enjoying its legendary nightlife or are awe-struck at its mesmerizing natural beauty that this horse-shaped bay is loaded with, Acapulco is the perfect beach destination well worth the visit.

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Eccentry Holidays Highlights Paris’s Best Tours

Eccentry Holidays, a leading provider of luxury vacation fulfillment, knows that for many traveler’s, France is on the top of the list of exciting destinations to visit. Spending time in Paris this summer offers a variety of fun activities, along with some of the best sightseeing around. Taking advantage of some of the wonderful tours offered around the area are great ways to integrate into the culture. Here are some of the best things to do while spending time in the city of lights.

  • Paris By Mouth: For foodies looking to try some of the most exceptional dishes around, these tours also offer a great opportunity to boost your awareness of this city’s famous culinary heritage. Cheese, bread, chocolate, wine, and pastries are just some of the amazing things you will get to sample while also listening to the experts weigh in. Taking the chance to become more familiar with some of the most food and wine centric neighborhoods is a great opportunity while visiting Paris.
  • Underground Paris: Take the chance to glimpse the wilder side of Paris after spending time in traditional museums like the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, and sign up for a street art tour. There are tours offered either on foot or by bike, and explores in-depth some of the most famous street artists of the area like Shepard Fairey. While this form of art is still considered controversial to some, it’s interesting to learn the story behind this phenomenon and how it differs from traditional graffiti.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Paris offers travelers whimsical romance along with a variety of exciting things to do. For more information or to book a vacation today, please visit

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Eccentry Holidays Recommends a Visit to Houston, Texas

As the largest city in Texas, Houston is a fascinating place to visit and is highly recommended by Eccentry Holidays. Located on the gulf and containing a subtropical climate with humidity, Houston is a place with enough features and events for any traveler to enjoy. Of particular note are the variety of museums in the area. These include the Art Car Museum with many unique vehicles on display and the Johnson Space Center where the NASA astronaut corps is located.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science features a vast exhibition of paleontology dating back to over 4.5 million years for guests to witness up close. Highlighting the history of the state’s road to independence, the San Jacinto Museum of History contains uniforms and other such artifacts.

Eccentry Holidays is especially excited to mention the theater district comprised of six unique performance halls that serve as venues for opera, ballet, and orchestras. These places make Houston a great cultural beacon for locals and visitors to experience on a regular basis.

Memorial Park is where visitors can enjoying playing a game of golf, tennis, softball, and more. When hungry for fine cuisine, Houston is home to a diverse mix of culinary delights, including French, Italian, Indian, and fresh seafood. La Carafe, the oldest bar in the city, dates back to 130 years ago and can still be visited today.

Regardless of what is done in Houston, the city offers a plethora of activity and excited to enjoy during a travel experience.


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Eccentry Holidays Shares Top States for Summer Road Trips

Eccentry Holidays, a leading provider of luxury travel, knows that when it comes to any summer vacation, road trips are often a popular choice for families, couples or even solo travel. This is one of the most All-American ways to travel and is also a great way to see more of the country along with saving money on expensive airfare. For all those out there trying to determine which destination will be best suited for visiting this year, here are some of our top picks.

1. North Carolina:  Since this state has a large number of scenic byways, Eccentry Holidays knows that this a great choice for those who enjoy a picturesque backdrop while spending time in the car. This state is also home to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the beautiful beaches of the outer banks and of course, the Nascar Hall of Fame. There is no shortage of things to do and places to see in this state.

2. Massachusettes: Although the Bay State is one of the more expensive choices on the list (mostly due to gas prices and accommodation costs) makes up for in beautiful scenery. Make sure to stop by and see areas like The Berkshires, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and other natural wonders, since this state has the highest number of national parks per capita.

3. Colorado: Nice weather conditions, along with lower-than-average humidity means a break from the summer heat. These things, along with some of the most impressive attractions around, like the Denver Zoo, Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak are great for the whole family.

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